Cool stuff that has to be made...

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Cool stuff that has to be made...

Dark Soul Design came about when I finally realized that I'm never going to be happy being constrained by a single industry. I've been a successful mechanical / commercial designer for the better part of 25 years, designing & manufacturing various bits and pieces ranging from inline skate parts, to large scale radio controlled car accessories, to firearm components and knives and just about everything in-between. 

Recently, with the loss of my mother to cancer at way too young an age, I decided that life really is too short to be screwing around doing things that burn you out and you aren't truly passionate about. With that being said, it was time to take all the cool ideas I've had swirling around in my head, bring them into reality so I could offer them to the world.

My focus will mostly be, in a very broad sense, tools, there is just something about extremely well crafted tools, making something that can make something. But along the way, you will see stuff pop up on the site that was made purely because I wanted it to be better than what was available. Everything will have a reason, maybe not necessarily a good reason, but a reason no less

Cool idea + Computer Aided Design + Quality Raw Materials + Precision Machining + Hand Finishing + extreme attention to detail = Dark Soul Design Products. If you see something you like, and you hit the buy button, then I have succeeded. Keep checking back to see what's cookin'.


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