Making a Frame Lock Folder

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Making a Frame Lock Folder

I've been making knifes now for several years, but only fixed blade knives. I think this is pretty much the norm for most aspiring knife makers. They are pretty easy to make in the grand scheme of things - get an idea of what looks good to you aesthetically, make a model out of something easy to work with, thin plywood, plastic, etc to see if it fits your hand and looks good in the real world, and of course, will it be a useable knife?

Making it out of steel is fairly straight forward, there are probably a hundred thousand videos on Youtube on making knives, so with some practice (ok, a LOT of practice) and some skill, you too can make a knife. How far you want to take this is of course entirely up to you. The great knife makers out there like Hatcher, make the most insane creations look easy (but i guaran-damn-tee you they aren't).

For me, inspiration is key, I love to see what the great knife makers out there are doing, and take some inspiration from that. Of course everyone has their own tastes in knives, I like big overbuild "beefy" knives, as well as unique knives that aren't too ornate.

Some of my favorite knife makers are-

These guys make amazing knives, and they are amazingly talented. It's makers like these guys that inspire me.


Anyhoo, Ive done a few small production runs of fixed blade knives, and a lot of one offs for friends, and some new customers, but I really want to build a knife I can take with me on a daily basis, so I decided to start on my own folder.

I chose to make a frame lock to keep it relatively simple. That being decided, it was time to start the design process. I work in a few different CAD programs, and for this initial design, I work in Ashlar Velum's Graphite. Its a pretty straight forward 2d software that allows me to quickly and easily draw the profile which I can then export into a file type that i can use to cut out test pieces on my laser for size and fitment.


This is pretty much it with the exception of some small tweeks here and there. I think it will work, but until I actually have it made in metal, I am sort of just hoping. Ive done lots of research, watched countless videos, and taken apart pretty much all of my knives to see how they all work, so hoping I dont have to make to many changes.


More to come as I progress through the project.