Making a Frame Lock Folder Pt. 2

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Making a Frame Lock Folder Pt. 2

The work goes on. In the last post I showed a few pics of some 2D drawings I did in "Ashlar Vellum Graphite". These are great conceptually, but there is still so much "unknown" in 2D drawings that short of building a knife, and finding all the mistakes like that, you need to convert to 3D CAD drawings to see if and where you made mistakes.

My last piece of 3D software was really outdated, and to be honest not very good in the first place. I had been looking around for some time for new software, preferably one that runs well on a Mac, and I came across "Fusion 360" from AutoDesk. I was a little skeptical since its extremely inexpensive if not free for some users, but once I started using it, its the real deal, and I have found that it is very powerful. So far I love it.

So once I started getting comfortable with Fusion, I started converting my 2D drawings into a 3D model that I can use to confirm dimensions, clearance, and of course the overall aesthetic.

Above is basically where I am at. I think this is where I stop for now, and actually make a few. I think I have found all of the "problems" and solved them, so really all I can do is get to cutting material.

Its a bit boxy at the moment, but i figured since I want these to be semi custom, ill do all the finishing by hand, and actually grind the blades by hand. I have stated that this is "version 5", the reality is, its more like version 500, there were so many major and minor changes to be made a long the way, that i just stopped keeping track.

A short list of what I changed just to get an idea -

• changed blade stop pin from 5/64 to a stepped pin that is .125 where it inserts into the scales to .187 where it makes contact with the blade.

• changed the size of the detent ball from 1/16 to 3/32

• decided on a billet aluminum clip instead of a bent and formed steel/stainless steel clip

• added a bolt through the spacer/glass breaker for the clip, the old clip used the two existing holes, one at the back, and one close to the spine of the scales, but the clip would have been very funky, and forced the knife to sit wonky in your pocket

• reshaped the locking bar to go more with the flow of the scale itself

And the endless dimensional changes/tweeks. So below are some of the screen shots of what should be the final knife with a little luck. Hope to get the files off to the laser cutter early next week, and start building.