The Tennessee Tusk

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The Tennessee Tusk

I was asked by a buddy to build him a custom pig hunting knife, his only real specific requirements were that it had to be big, big enough to take on wild pig hand to hand, or rather tusk to knife.

I started on my 2D CAD software to just get a general shape. I do it this way so once i have a rough idea, I can then send it to my laser and cut out a mock up from thin plywood or plexiglass. I did the first one, and it was close, but the handle was way to large, even for my hands. So I went back, made some changes, and got it to where I wanted it. (Bottom wood model is the final)

Once I was satisfied with the shape, make it metal.

I start with a piece of A2 tool steel and cut out the rough shape with a Makita grinder with an abrasive cutoff wheel. Once I have the rough blank, onto the Pheer 2" belt grinder to smooth out the shape and cut the blade profile.

At this point, hours of hand sanding to get out all the deeper scratches and add the jimping to the spine by the handle. And we basically get this-

Now its onto the handle scales. Since this is going to Tennessee, I wanted some orange in there, so I decided to stack some orange G10 on top of some high compression carbon fiber, and then using a sanding drum, cut finger grooves-

Pretty much the only thing left to do is the blood grooves (fuller), since I currently dont have a mill, ran over to a friends machine shop to barrow his, and cut a pair of grooves down the blade-

and the end result-

Now its ready for heat treating. The blade is put into a stainless steel pouch to keep it free of atmosphere to prevent scaling.  Into the oven at 1750 degrees F for 20 minutes, when it comes out and is air quenched between two large aluminum plates, it will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 66 rockwell, so hard that its very brittle can can be broken if dropped. So it will go back in to temper at 450 F for 2 hours twice.  This will get it down to around 59-60 Rc.

Pretty much all thats left to do is Cerakote it black, sharpen, and mount the scales.

If you are interested in having a custom knife made, shoot us an email with your ideas, and we can work something up.